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Feb 10, 2009

PENETRATION WALL - Saturday 14- Sunday 15 of MARCH at 12:30

David Marin will open a PENETRATION WALL to the EMERGENCY ROOM artists on Saturday March 14 at 12.30 in Galerie 91
A penetration is an artist's act of placing an artwork within another artist's already axisting exhibition. A Penetration is done by an artist wanting to express pertinent and relevant thoughts. He/She contacts a colleague and asks for a space to exhibit in. The Penetration is a solution to avoid the lateness of bureacratic art institutions by circulating space between the actors - artist to srtist.

DAVID MARIN Thursday 12th of March at 18.00


David Marin is in the Netherlands for the third time. His paintings (oil on aluminium) give us his very specific look INSIDE, where the image is integrated in space; and space is integrated in the image, connecting us directly with his world.
His work is evolving into a more engaged point of view expressing his feelings regarding the OUTSIDE. Photography and drawings are the new element of the exhibition where he communicates with us, being a member of the mocement Emergency Room.