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Oct 1, 2009

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Sep 22, 2009

Jun 28, 2009


In between a dive in the water and a drink on the cosy Anna Paulownaplein, stop by the gallery for our SUMMER STOCK SALE!
(ps: CALL ME 0641316430 or MAIL ME for an appointment!)

Cecile Donato Soupama
David Marin
Remy Jammes
Mariana Lazarevic
Ivan Dimov (in preview of the OPEN ART FAIR UTRECHT in September)

May 31, 2009


Tomorrow is the last day of the exhibition of Cecile Donato Soupama in Galerie 91 in the Hague. The artist will be present in the gallery!

Wednesday we will be in Paris for the AAF. We will be at stand C2 (Atelier Beeld) to show you the work of David Marin! (send an email to for invitations)

May 23, 2009

3 - 7 June: AAF PARIS

Come visit Atelier Beeld on the Affordable Art Fair in Paris

Galerie91 presents: David Marin, Inside Oustside

Apr 20, 2009

CECILE DONATO-SOUPAMA, Sunday April 18th 15.00


Apr 19, 2009


« Quand la pensée est à sa richesse, le dessin est à sa plénitude. »

Mar 17, 2009

Mar 15, 2009

Mar 14, 2009

Day 1 Emergency Wall: David Marin MIGRATION-EMIGRATION

Day 1 Emergency Wall Guillaume Dimanche GM RIP


Mar 4, 2009

Sunday 15 of March, the Critical Run

the artist David Marin from Emergency Room took the initiative to organize
a critical run in Den Haag (NL). For this critical run the Runneurs will debate :


arrival at
International Court of Justice
located in the Peace Palace

departure :
galerie 91
Anna paulownastraat 91
2518 BC Den Haag

Feb 10, 2009

PENETRATION WALL - Saturday 14- Sunday 15 of MARCH at 12:30

David Marin will open a PENETRATION WALL to the EMERGENCY ROOM artists on Saturday March 14 at 12.30 in Galerie 91
A penetration is an artist's act of placing an artwork within another artist's already axisting exhibition. A Penetration is done by an artist wanting to express pertinent and relevant thoughts. He/She contacts a colleague and asks for a space to exhibit in. The Penetration is a solution to avoid the lateness of bureacratic art institutions by circulating space between the actors - artist to srtist.

DAVID MARIN Thursday 12th of March at 18.00


David Marin is in the Netherlands for the third time. His paintings (oil on aluminium) give us his very specific look INSIDE, where the image is integrated in space; and space is integrated in the image, connecting us directly with his world.
His work is evolving into a more engaged point of view expressing his feelings regarding the OUTSIDE. Photography and drawings are the new element of the exhibition where he communicates with us, being a member of the mocement Emergency Room.